The Story
This is the story of a combat tour in the Central Highlands of the former Republic of South Vietnam in 1969 and 70. The primary focus is the time spent as a Reconnaissance Platoon Leader of “Fox Force” in the 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, 4th Infantry Division, and how that experience developed incredible bonds and friendships, as well as hard lessons in combat leadership, that have lasted for a life time.

It may seem strange to some that I have waited almost 48 years to recount this time in my life, but the actual effort began almost 10 years ago in an effort to face my own personal demons and dragons. While sometimes a difficult experience, I was driven to document the legacy of an incredible group of young men who were thrown together in the crucible of small unit infantry combat in a small and specialized unit.

It is also a very personal account of a young lieutenant being forced to grow up in a hurry while learning about the responsibility for safe guarding the lives of 25 - 30 young soldiers. I hope that I have honestly documented the selfless service and uncommon valor displayed every day by the men of Fox Force. This book is intended as a tribute to those men.

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